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Bold Faith

After The Resurrection

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The Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life make it clear that He had things to accomplish in the forty-day window between His resurrection and ascension to heaven. A significant part of His ministry during that time was to give hope and encouragement to His closest friends, who were disheartened after His death. Pastor Allen shows Scripture’s promises that God is just as close to the brokenhearted today and reminds us that we have the same Source of bold faith Jesus’ friends had.

People Get Ready

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God has given each of us a revelation of Himself that we can receive, understand, and interpret. But we must choose what to do with it: live as skeptics and cynics or as believers with bold, increasing faith that will allow us to flourish amid challenging times. The Church has a choice to make: Will we demonstrate to the watching world the faith we proclaim inside the walls of the church? Will we be the people of God in this season?

Great Outcomes

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Bold faith is a passion for Jesus that influences every aspect of our lives and is lived out in daily faithfulness to God—in our homes, in purity, integrity, and holiness. When He knows that we can be trusted with honoring Him in our daily routines, He will entrust us with assignments of even greater significance. And there is hope for those who have made ungodly choices and are reaping the consequences: God is able to restore anyone and will elevate the life experiences of those who cooperate with Him.

The Church in the World

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True Christian leadership is when people harness their ambition for the cause of Christ and humbly use their influence for His purposes. However, the world tells us that “church” is fine, but faith is personal: we should leave it within the walls of the building and express it only in the privacy of our homes. As believers, we should have the courage to let our faith influence the broad expression of our lives—from the sanctuary, to the neighborhood, to the marketplace—advocating for Jesus.

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