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title_nathanIn 23 hours, Amanda didn’t have a single “adequate” contraction (The number they were going for was 240, and we stayed around 100 the whole time). The doctor finally came and graciously gave us a long, well thought out speech about how we had hit a wall, and that it would be nearly impossible to go forward naturally. He said we needed to throw in the towel and go into surgery. We were both pretty emotionally depleted at that point, but Amanda asked him to at least check how far she had progressed. He did so as if more to appease her than anything—then he paused for a second and said, “Well, I should’ve checked before I said any of that. You’re fully dilated.” An hour later my boy was born. With no prompting from us, the nurses called him a miracle baby. They’re right. 

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My husband and I have led a couples small group for over six years. In the beginning we grew very quickly and multiplied within the first two years. Since then we have welcomed a few new couples into our group, but many would come to visit or stay for a while and then leave. Our group had grown comfortable, and all of us, including Sean and me, had unintentionally created an atmosphere that was almost “cliquey.” After being challenged last year by our coaches and mentors with a book about habits of highly effective small group leadership, we realized that we had the wrong attitude toward our group. We regained our vision for growth and shared it with our group. Although it took some encouragement to get everyone on board, the realization we all had to make was this: being a part of a small group community has changed our lives for the better. Why would we not want that for every couple who walks through our doors? We are happy to say that this breakthrough began last year and is continuing to occur. We have welcomed four new couples in the last year and they have found a home in our small group community. We are approaching a size that is no longer “small group” and hope to see a positive, healthy transition to multiplication as part of our breakthrough in 2015!


November 2013 I was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer and was given six months to live with treatment. That’s what they said… but Jesus had a different plan.




Pastor Allen Sermon:
Do you have a place in your life that you are trusting God for a breakthrough? Or standing in a difficult place and trusting God there? Listen to Pastor Allen’s sermon for some encouragement! He has a breakthrough for each of us!



Nothing is impossible:
Let this guitar special remind you that your Breakthrough isn’t impossible because Nothing is Impossible when we ask God to be a part!


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