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Christmas, A Promise Fulfilled

The Power of Hope

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Hope is a powerful force, and a life without hope is a miserable life. But sometimes we find ourselves in desperate places because we’ve put our hope in something or someone other than Jesus of Nazareth. He is the completely trustworthy and living Son of God, and hope anchored in Him reaches beyond time into eternity and invites His purposes to emerge in our lives.t.

Personal Preparation

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Following God has much to do about willingness. Mary and Joseph were young people who were prepared to receive God’s message and embrace God’s purposes because there was a trajectory in their lives toward the Lord. Whatever season and circumstances you are in, you’ll be blessed as you begin to say, “Yes,” to the Lord with a greater intent, a greater purpose, and a greater sense of the honor in serving Him.

Joy and Strength

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How do you arrive at the place where you lack nothing? It’s not about asset accumulation or emotional strength or intellectual vitality. It’s about the ability to consider it joy when you encounter various trials. Joy enables us to endure, to overcome, and to honor God with our lives. While most of us are purposeful about achieving happiness, Pastor Allen shares some steps toward cultivating joy.

The Love of God

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The birth of Jesus, the coming of Christ, is of greater significance than a single holiday and an exchange of gifts. The Incarnation, the coming of the Son of God, shows God’s great love for us and changes our lives for time and eternity. Following God is not easy, but if you will yield to Him and cooperate with Him, He will change your future and lead you toward His very best.

Leftovers, Again - Sustaining a Life of Faith

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The kingdom of God is not of this world, but it is more real and more glorious than any nation on the earth. The only way to participate is to acknowledge Jesus as Messiah and choose Him as Lord. And when we do that, a lifelong process of change begins from the inside out. Pastor Allen shares the steps required to walk toward spiritual maturity and challenges us to commit to a lifestyle of spiritual transformation.

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