Pastor Allen will host TBN’s Centerpoint January 30 through February 3 at 7:30pm ET.

Centerpoint, the “nightly news” of TBN, equips viewers with understanding on the issues of the day and how they impact our faith and our world.

Normally hosted by Doug McKelway, Erick Stackelbeck, and Blynda Lane, Centerpoint features a nightly lineup of news and investigative reports, along with a roundtable of seasoned experts and respected Christian leaders.

Pastor Allen has contributed to the program many times, offering his biblical perspective and expertise to the discussion of the news of the day. This will be his first time to serve as a co-host.

He has previously hosted several holiday specials for TBN, including ThanksgivingVeteran’s Day and Father’s Day specials. He also provided commentary on election night returns in November.