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Baby Dedication Homework

Baby Dedication Homework

1. Make a commitment to pray consistently for your child's salvation. Use this form to write a letter letting them know that you are praying for the day that he will accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. We will send a copy of the letter to your email so you can save it for the day you celebrate their decision to trust Christ or for the celebration of their baptism.

Your Prayer:

2. Decide what practical things you will do to make sure your marriage is the priority. Maybe it's committing to an early bedtime for your little one so that you have time to reconnect everyday. Each parent should make a list of at least five things.



3. Each parent should make a list of five things that you value and want to pass along to your child separately. Share your ideas with each other. Then decide on two new habits you are going to put in place in your home to ensure that your child is learning what matters to you.

New Habit One:

New Habit Two:

4. What does your family identity look like? What will it look like in three years, five years? Write out the standards of conduct for each person in your family that will make the most of every opportunity God presents to you daily.

New Family Standards:

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