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Family Ministries

Family Ministries at WOC

Family Ministry is the church and the family working together to help lead parents and children to follow Jesus. Recognizing the issues and challenges that parents and families face in an ever-changing world, WOC strives to reinforce and encourage wholesome family relationships. Our intent is to serve families with the gospel. We want our families to feel empowered in discovering and utilizing their spiritual gifts here, in their homes and in our community.

We strive to serve parents beyond just serving their children. We coordinate classes and workshops for parents to learn, organize small groups where parents can have better community together, as well as equipping parents with practical tools they can use at home to lead their children.

Dynamic Marriage is a 9 week course that will help you discover how your marriage can thrive and be more fulfilling than you ever thought possible. Through an interactive learning process, you’ll identify behaviors that may be damaging your marriage, develop healthy ways to deal with marital conflict and take concrete steps to meet each other’s needs better than you ever have before.

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Baby Dedication


Baby Dedication at World Outreach is a celebration of the commitment parents are making to raise their sons and daughters in a home that knows Jesus Christ.  Parents make the commitment to:

  • Acknowledge their child is a gift from God
  • Pray for their child
  • Communicate to their child that he/she matters to God
  • Support their child’s spiritual growth
  • Set a Christian example before their child in a home that honors God
  • Direct their child toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

The church joins together four times a year as each family is presented. In order to participate parents must attend a one hour long class.  Here you will get details about the upcoming celebration, but more importantly, you will get tips and tools to help you focus on what matters most through your parenting journey ahead.  We will also prepare you for the format of the service.  As parents, you must also complete four assignments.  We know you are busy, so we wouldn’t ask you to do these assignments if we didn’t think they were very, very important.

Upcoming Baby Dedication dates:

Classes & ceremonies have been temporarily postponed. We look forward to celebrating with you in the near future!

Upcoming class and ceremony dates:


The Growing Kids God’s Way Curriculum provides parents hope, encouragement and practical instruction in their duty of raising morally responsible and biblically responsive children. The curriculum serves parents of preschoolers through the middle years. This 18-week DVD/small group study teaches parents how to reach the heart of their child using a God-centered purpose.

Preparation for Parenting

If you are an expectant parent or your child is less than five months old, this class is for you. You will learn how to manage your newborn’s feeding, waketime, and sleeptime. For more information contact Family Ministries.

Preparation for Toddler Years

If your baby is 5 -18 months old, this class is for you. Here you will learn how to manage your child’s day, mealtime basics, and the preventive side of correction. For more information contact Family Ministries.

Toddlerhood Transition Years

If your child is 18-36 months old, this class is for you. Here you will learn about structure and routine, toddler conflict, and the purpose of obedience. For more information contact Family Ministries.

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