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Multimedia Team

God created man, and man has created a new generation of technology that’s connecting more people in more ways than ever. Explore the messages and lessons of Scripture in ways you’ve never seen or heard before—with the power and spectacle of WOC media! Our sanctuaries are joined by synchronized multimedia technology to bring the power of Pastor Jackson’s sermons to you no matter how you choose to experience them. From your theater-style seats in Three Crosses Sanctuary or from your seat at a café table in New Harvest—music, celebration and the wisdom of Scripture all come together to create a God-centered experience you’ll not soon forget.

If you are interested in joining the team to serve during weekend worship services, contact Multimedia.

What is Multimedia?

Many components of weekend worship services are technology driven – cameras, power point, video, sound, strike teams for stage and much more. This team is cared for and given added opportunities outside of normal worship time for spiritual growth and direction.

Our Vision

To recruit and train volunteers to serve in God’s Kingdom while providing the tools necessary for each person to grow in the Lord.

Opportunities for Service

We currently have service opportunities available. Contact Multimedia for more information.

Computer Operators – Volunteers provide lyrics for all weekend worship services. Required skills would include basic computer knowledge, the ability to focus and stay on task, a flexibility to recover quickly if worship leaders change script, and a passion to succeed. These positions serve once a month for all worship services and are fully trainable.

Camera Operators – The weekend services provide video for our sanctuaries and recording for TV production and our website using camera operators. Each operator on the team will receive proper training and instruction to become a success. These positions serve once every three weeks for either both Saturday or both Sunday services.

Sound Technician – The sound technicians provide quality sound to the congregation, the worship team and all stage speakers. Required skills would include previous experience and each candidate interested will be evaluated by the Technical Director. Volunteers for sound serve on Tuesday nights and all worship services once a month.

Strike Team – WOC’s Strike Team assists in preparing Three Crosses Sanctuary’s stage for TV production during the weekend services. There are currently two teams on Saturday night and two teams on Sunday morning that alternate serving every other weekend. This position is fully trainable.

Room Directors – The Room Director position provides a point person for each sanctuary who oversees computer operators, sound technicians and the room. This person is responsible for the start of services and all production throughout. These positions are promoted positions from serving in the other areas. This position serves once a month, all worship services.

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