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Small Group Studies

Small Group Studies from World Outreach Church

Our small group study material was created to give you the tools you need to open up your home, invite a few friends and host your own small group. Each set of studies has six video-driven lessons, as well as a study guide to follow along with and help aid discussion. Here you can learn about our different studies, find out how you can host a group, and get some helpful tools to help you succeed once you do.

Our Identity in Christ

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The greatest opportunities available to a human being extend from a relationship with Jesus. We will explore together the freedom and hope that emerges from understanding our identity “in Christ”.

Overcoming Anxiety & Worry

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This study will help you be prepared and informed biblically to remain steady and be able to live with confidence and boldness on behalf of the kingdom of God.

A Life God Rewards

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Being a Christ follower is an opportunity to invest your days in such a way that God’s rewards will change your life in time and for all eternity.

Let's Pray

The Most Abundant LifeStart this study

Prayer is a powerful response to life’s challenges. It opens doorways of God’s possibilities because God hears and responds to the prayers of His people.

The Most Abundant Life

The Most Abundant LifeStart this study

Is there a God who cares about me? Can I know His plan and purpose for my life? God has provided us with His perspective.

The Whiteboard Bible - Vol. 3

The Whiteboard Bible Volume ThreeStart this study

These six sessions will guide you through the most remarkable segment of human history. Almighty God, the creator of all things, sent his Son to dwell among us.

The Whiteboard Bible - Vol. 2

The Whiteboard Bible Volume TwoStart this study

In this volume we will take a journey through the heart of the Hebrew Bible from the perspectives of the prophets, the exiles, those who rebuilt Jerusalem and eventually see the second temple.

The Whiteboard Bible - Vol. 1

The Whiteboard Bible Volume OneStart this Study

This first volume begins with Creation and continues through the first kings of Israel. Enjoy the journey; the Bible is a treasure for all.

Extraordinary God

Extraordinary God - Small Group StudyStart this Study

This six week DVD driven study will take you on a micro tour of Israel with Pastor Allen. With each session, you will discover how our God demonstrates his great love for us through His chosen land, Israel.

Freedom From Worry

Freedom From Worry - Small Group StudyStart this Study

Learn to overcome anxiety with God’s love, purpose and power. To move beyond worry is to press into life with a renewed vision of who God is, and with a recognition of His strength and provision in our lives.

AMEN with Angus Buchan

AMEN - Small Group StudyStart this Study

This six-week DVD-driven study will help you to personalize your own God-story and turn His invitations into practical application. Each session contains an introduction from Pastor Allen Jackson, a clip from the movie Faith Like Potatoes and a teaching session from Angus Buchan.

Your Extraordinary Life

Your Extraordinary Life - Small Group StudyStart this Study

Learn to live your life as only you can–choose God’s best for your life and begin to move past to ordinary and into the extraordinary.Learn to overcome anxiety with God’s love, purpose and power. Get all the materials you need to host this group below.

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