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Small Groups

Interested in a small group?
Contact us at (615) 896-4515 or email us at smallgroups@wochurch.org.
Many of the groups in this list have changed time and location over the past year due to Covid restrictions.


During this season, some of our regularly scheduled small groups have been postponed.
Please contact the church office at (615) 896-4515 to confirm if your small group is meeting.

Small Groups at WOC

Where are you in your life? Find others who are in the same place—and share, learn and have fun together! Life Stages events are fellowship opportunities for singles, young married couples, married couples and prime timers. There are activities scheduled throughout the year, which are great opportunities to connect with the people of World Outreach Church and a great place to bring your friends. Come join the fun! Small Groups are gatherings of 8-16 people with similar interests, or needs or similarities. They study God’s Word and apply it to daily experiences, share burdens, celebrate victories and change lives! There are different types of Small Groups at World Outreach Church, but they share the same components: mutual care, growth, encouragement and fellowship. Learn about the different types of groups in the section below. You may also visit the Welcome Center for more information during weekend services, call the Church Office during the week at (615) 896-4515 and ask for Small Groups, or email Small Groups here.

Learn more about Small Groups

Campus Growth Groups

Campus Growth Groups focus on the spiritual and relational growth of each person. They gather for fellowship and ministry. Mutual Care is the key to the ministry given and received in these small groups. See the latest small group schedule to see when you can connect.

Support Groups

Support Groups offer extra attention to the needs of people with special circumstances for those seasons of life that can be difficult to manage alone. Accountability, encouragement, support, prayer and education help to return order and bring healing to the individual. See the latest schedule small group schedule to see when you can connect.

Divorce Care
13 session video driven group provides for small group experience providing healing in men and women’s lives after a divorce. This group is continual and open.

Grief Care
For anyone who has lost a loved one and needs a place to experience God’s healing. This is an open group.

Celebrate Recovery
This is an open recovery group for men and women.

Parents of Addicted Loved Ones, PAL Group
Provides hope through education & support for parents of addicted loved ones.

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups share a common interest in one or more areas such as gender, interest, activities, or life stages. They share the same mutual care of all our small groups while they also experience a common activity or interest. See the latest schedule small group schedule to see when you can connect.

  • Christians & Chrome Motorcycle Group Christians & Chrome Motorcyle Group meets the first Saturday of every month for a ride. They meet in the Prayer Center at the church. Contact Otis Bishop for more information (615) 417-6847.
  • Women’s Bible Study These groups are multi-generational who come to participate in studies that nourish the soul and uplift the heart.
  • Men’s Bible Study For men of any age who want to use their Bible to learn the promises of God for their lives. Topics change throughout the year but you are invited to come into the group at any time.
  • Active Military & Veterans Group This group will provide support, care and fellowship for active members of the armed forces and veterans along with their spouses.
  • Growing Kids God’s Way This is one of the best ways to learn how to raise your children in a secure and loving atmosphere for Christian parents. This group runs each quarter.
  • 55+ Primetimers Singles and Couples 55 and older who are young at heart and love to study their Bibles.
  • Our Couples’ Groups Our couples enjoy the relationships of other couples who share the same the desire to grow as Christ-followers in their busy day to day activities.
  • Morning Prayer Group This group meets Monday – Thursday 9 am to 11 am in Three Crosses Sanctuary and Friday at 7 am in the Courtyard to pray for individuals, the church, community, government, Israel, and our military. You are welcome to come and participate.
  • Law Enforcement Professionals A place for police officers to get the encouragement from scripture to face the stress and demands of their profession.
  • Women’s Groups Support and study go hand in hand in this group as women seek God’s Word for answers to everyday life.

Home Growth Groups

Home Growth Groups are for fellowship and study and meet in various sections of Middle Tennessee. These groups offer the added warmth and hospitality on a weekly basis. You will discover there is a strong emphasis on mutual care in all the small groups. You will also find that being connected to a group will increase the potential of your life in many unexpected ways.

Life Stages

Life Stages events are fellowship opportunities for singles, married couples, and primetimers (55+) offered at World Outreach in Murfreesboro, TN. See the latest schedule small group schedule to see when you can connect.

Marriage Focus
Are you looking for other couples with similar interests, family and values? We want to get you connected to the community here at WOC. From small groups to large events we are dedicated to give you the tools you need to pursue God for your family and marriage. WOC provides a wholesome environment that allows married couples to fellowship, share common bonds and interests, while striving to better understand God’s true purpose for marriage.

Single Focus
Single or single again? There are places here at WOC to connect like-minded people who want to pursue the Lord and form healthy relationships. Just out of college or a single parent of three, we all face challenges in this world that make it difficult to GO IT ALONE. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to gain the tools, relationships and spiritual maturity this age demands.

Prime Perspective
Are you in the prime of your life? Been there done that? Then you are in the Prime Perspective, prime to see what God has done in your life and open to the purposes that He is calling you toward. This ministry is dedicated to providing opportunities for continued spiritual growth to the seniors within our church. WOC provides a wholesome environment that allows senior adults to fellowship, share common bonds and interests, while striving to better understand God’s true purpose for their lives.

Small Group Testimonials

  • “Coming from Woodbury into a large church like World Outreach, my greatest concern was about meeting people or learning anyone’s name. Therefore I was eager to experience small group. I wanted to see if I could find a place to fit in. After visiting several small groups and made to feel welcome in each one I feel like I have found the right place. Now I know several people and when I run into them at Saturday service we greet each other, not as strangers but as friends. My small group has shrunk WOC down into a small personal place to worship and learn more about God’s plan.”
  • “My small group has affected my life by teaching me to talk more openly. It has helped me to see the needs of others and to pray for them.”
  • “I have lived in two southern states and one northern state, but the state of Tennessee has been the friendliest place I have ever lived. The leaders of my small group have fed my spiritual growth more then I have ever experienced anywhere. The opportunities to serve have been endless. I look forward to serving more. I really have enjoyed the people at World Outreach Church.”
  • “Becoming part of a small group has allowed me to step out of my shell and meet people. People who are on the same path I am on, a pursuit for a heart like Christ and a passion for church and family. Knowing people who love God above all else has changed my world view. It has taught me to minister and challenged me to grow and seek truth. People support me on my journey which has removed the barriers I put up between God and myself. It is a blessing to have people to pray for and to have someone pray for me and my family with genuine concern and love.”
  • “I have been in a small group for 10 ½ years. It has really been an important part of my life and my spiritual growth. Even though I’ve been in different groups over the years I still have friends from the first small group I was in. Being in a small group is really important for me to feel connected.”
  • “Our small group is really awesome. It has impacted my life in numerous ways. It has challenged me to get into the Word more. Our last study Experiencing the Heart of Jesus has been any eye opener and has helped me to look at my life as God sees it. I feel that the relations I have in my small group are supportive.”
  • “My small group has helped us grow in the teachings of the Bible. The conversations we have are awesome. When we first moved here we had no friends or connections until finding our group. It’s not just a Bible study but a group of friends studying the Word and doing activities together outside of our Wednesday meeting time.”
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