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Intentional Faith

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Many Christians experience low points in their faith, times when their spiritual lives have grown cold, stagnant, or routine. They feel frustrated and desperate to reconnect with God. Yet encouragement alone is not enough. We need God’s power to bring transformation, and we need specific tools and a focused intent to know the Lord. Drawing upon years of pastoral ministry and his own experience, Allen Jackson has developed a 100-day plan to reinvigorate a believer’s life, organized around ten declarations of intent, including:

  • I Intend to Grow Spiritually
  • I Intend to Read the Gospels
  • I Intend to Pray Daily
  • I Intend to Honor God in My Home
  • I Intend to Work with Integrity

A simple investment of twenty minutes a day will create an unstoppable momentum in readers’ lives. Their hearts are opened to new possibilities with God where his purposes unfold and where the fruit of his rewards are found.

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Pastor Allen made a way to join you every day during your 100 Days of Faith journey, that is laid out for you in the Intentional Faith book. Through this email series, that comes to your in-box each morning, he will visit with you through short videos and devotions to support you in staying the course. This is free, all you have to do is sign up below.

Before start, here’s a few tools you’ll need:

  1. The Intentional Faith book, it’s the foundation for everything you will be practicing on this adventure.
  2. A journal to write down your experiences, so you can look back and see how the power of God begins to move in your life. I invite you to get the 100 Days of Faith Journal. Each day is purposeful, with a question and encouraging quote to inspire your writing.
  3. Last, and most important—you need a Bible. One that you can take notes in. This is another place you will be able to review the progress as the Holy Spirit begins to align your life with the heart of God.

Begin your 100 Day Journey Here

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