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Learn about World Outreach Church

NOTE: Some information below may not reflect the most recent service times and other opportunities. As we are working toward regathering on campus, please check the homepage and social media for the latest updates.

Learn About WOC

WOC offers four identical services on Saturday evening and Sunday morning that blend a traditional service format with contemporary praise and worship. The Sunday evening service is more informal, with a Bible study feel.

  • Wednesday - 6:00 PM
  • Saturday - 6:00 PM
  • Sunday - 9:30 AM

All services begin with a time of praise and worship conducted by two teams of singers and musicians. Pastor Allen Jackson's sermon, given live in Three Crosses Sanctuary, is then broadcast into New Harvest Sanctuary. His messages are practical and geared to living a Godly life, fully devoted to Jesus Christ, in today's world.

Childcare, the nursery, and children's programs happen during church service times.

Visitor parking is just off New Salem Road through the main entrance.

Adult Small Groups of every age, from young adult to past middle-age, can be found meeting on campus Tuesday – Saturday. Participation in a Small Group offers the up close opportunity to experience community with others while seeking a closer relationship with God that we all desire. To see more about these small groups, including the current schedule, see the Small Groups Page.

The strength of any church lies in the willingness of its people to come together under the lordship of Jesus and strive to make the Kingdom of God known to the world. We recognize our facilities as tools to this end—tools to create a safe, welcoming environment to worship, to fellowship, to learn, and to grow together.

Three Crosses Sanctuary

WOC’s newly opened sanctuary’s design is theater style, seating 2800. A time of praise and worship begins the service and Pastor Jackson speaks live in this room for the Saturday evening and Sunday morning services.

New Harvest Sanctuary

New Harvest Sanctuary’s more contemporary setting utilizes rows of chairs, along with groupings of tables and chairs. This room has the capacity for 450 people. A team of singers and musicians leads praise and worship, and then Pastor Jackson’s live sermon from Three Crosses Sanctuary is projected onto large video screens. You may also enjoy a cup of coffee at your table in this sanctuary.

All Nations Sanctuary

All Nations Sanctuary is a theater style design, with a seating capacity of 950. This room is currently used for meetings, weddings, concerts and productions that are a fit for the stage and seating configuration.

Genesis Sanctuary

Genesis Sanctuary is WOC’ s original worship room. It has the capacity to be a video venue for worship services, featuring a 40-foot video wall. The current seating configuration for 450 people using tables and chairs, is home to The Infinity/Student Ministries on Wednesday and Thursday. It also is a space used for meetings and various other functions.

The Welcome Center

Visit the Welcome Centers in the lobby of New Harvest Sanctuary and the lobby of the new worship center. These Welcome Centers are manned with WOC members who will answer any questions you may have and present you with a small gift.

The Next Chapter

Browse in The Next Chapter where CDs and DVDs of Pastor Jackson’s sermon can be purchased, as well as an array of other Christian resources.

The Next Chapter is open any time we are having service and when we have several small groups meeting on campus.

  • On weekends – starting 30 minutes before service times and closing AFTER service lets out.
  • For Small Groups – Wednesday morning, as well as Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
WOC's Children's Ministries program provides a warm and inviting environment that strives to develop and strengthen your child's relationship with God. The safety and well being of your child is paramount, and we practice security measures to best care for these little ones. Children's Ministries accommodates nursery - 6th grade at all weekend services.

Check-in Procedures

Please go to the registration tables at the entrances of the preschool and elementary classroom areas to find the appropriate class for your child and to receive a temporary ID badge for you. Persons without an identification badge will not be allowed in the classroom areas. After receiving your temporary badge, volunteers will assist in getting your child to the correct classroom. Once your child is settled, you may proceed to the worship center of your choice. Your children will be waiting in their classroom for you to pick them up after service. Remember, you must wear your temporary ID badge to enter the classroom areas.

7th-12th Grades

Students 7th grade and older are part of the regular adult services. Learn more about JV Infinity, our ministry for 7th and 8th graders Learn more about HS Infinity, our ministry for 9th-12th graders
In the event worship services are cancelled due to snow or inclement weather, an announcement will be on the homepage and on the WOC Facebook page. You may also call the church office at (615) 896-4515 for a recorded message regarding closures. Use discretion when making the decision to travel during poor weather conditions.

On Easter Sunday, 1980, Dr. George and Betty Jackson, who had been leading home Bible study throughout the 1970s, rented meeting space at a hotel in Murfreesboro, Tennessee to hold services for 29 people. Thus, World Outreach Church was established. In 1981, the Jacksons purchased 28 acres on which to construct a church building. On this site today stands the Genesis Sanctuary.

In 1988, Dr. and Mrs. Jackson's son, Allen, became senior pastor, and in subsequent years minor renovations were made to the church facility to accommodate the congregation's growth. In 1998 a 22,000 square foot addition was completed that featured a large meeting/gathering area and new classrooms.

In 2000, 155 acres of land were purchased to build Leadership Park, a youth initiative emphasizing leadership, teamwork, problem solving, and character development, that features a ropes course, softball fields, and initiative game trails. In addition to serving WOC youth ministries, Leadership Park is also utilized by area community organizations.

In 2001, WOC undertook another facility addition with the construction of a new worship center that included 60,000 square feet of both indoor and porch space to allow for people to come together for worship services and special programs in new venues.

World Outreach Church has experienced many changes in facilities and programs over the years, but through all those changes, values have remained the same—a desire to experience God more fully in our lives; the belief that a relationship with Jesus Christ is transforming; a commitment to children and young people; and a desire to be a valuable participant in our community.

At World Outreach Church we are making the largest faith commitment in our history. Rutherford County is in its boom years with families coming from across the country to our safe and diverse community. We too are becoming a destination point for faith initiatives. In the summer of 2007 we broke ground for a 2,500 person sanctuary and 125,000 feet of new space for ministry expansion. All of this was inspired by the Spirit of God – we often comment that we are privileged to stand in the fields of plenty imagining our service being vital to our communities and even the world. Today more than 8,000 congregants enjoy a ministry of great faith possibilities at WOC.

"We are depending on the Lord our God."

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