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Let’s Pray – Series II

Effective Prayer

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Because Scripture says, “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much,” we want to pray more effectively. There are specific kinds of prayer, and yielding ourselves to God’s authority and knowing how to express it through prayer in order to accomplish His purposes will significantly change the outcomes of our prayers. Also, Pastor Allen’s mother, Betty, shares her miraculous story of healing and redemption.

Realms of Authority

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God imagined and created each of us with three aspects—spirit, body, and soul—and effective prayer deals with each of those realms. While the spiritual forces of wickedness and our own sinful natures will oppose God’s plans, He has equipped us with His Spirit and authority to overcome them. God will not violate our will, however, so we must be aware of the opposition and prayerfully and intentionally choose holiness.


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We all face challenges and problems that we don’t have the ability to negotiate, and we need a power greater than ourselves. Prayer is not a passive response to life. If you will determine to be a person of prayer, you will bring an alignment into your home, your family, your place of business that will make room for God to do something that He cannot do unless you pray.

A Great Opportunity

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Like Paul and Silas from a jail cell and Jonah from the belly of the fish, we have an opportunity to go to God during our times of need. Too many have believed that prayer is an expression of incompetence or inadequacy, but even Jesus cried out to His Father and told us to pray as well. God has a plan for us that far exceeds our expectations, but He wants us to come before Him in humility and put our lives in His hands.

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