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The vision of a church that would someday mobilize many to discipleship that would follow the path of the Great Commission of Scripture seemed so far from reality years ago when we were just a tent in a rural setting. If you live in Rutherford County, you know that the world has in fact come to us. As a community that has made national headlines many times, we are blessed with people and commerce moving into our welcoming community.

When Dr. George Jackson and his wife Betty founded World Outreach Church, they could not have imagined that they would become a planter of a faith commission in Israel. Today they serve as Directors of Derek Prince Israel. They also oversee the publishing and support of many books authored by Derek Prince, written with the Jewish people as his most loved audience.

Finding ways to aid the Jewish people in many acts of help, George and Betty have made lasting friendships sharing the love of God.











As a boy, Allen Jackson. Senior Pastor, accompanied his parents on journeys to the Holy Land. Gaining such an astounding appreciation of the land and people of Israel, Allen later studied at Hebrew University. He has been an invited speaker for the Feast Of Tabernacles event in Jerusalem where Pilgrims from many countries have heard his talks on the Christian’s responsibility to Israel and God’s indisputable prophecy.

“We live in an era that is defined by the struggle for peace. In this struggle, we must recognize that the foundation of peace in our world is truth. And so, we should recognize our solidarity with Israel, and stand united with them in the principles of peace. As the people of Israel have recognized our mutual aspirations for a peaceful, democratic world, a unique and historic relationship has developed between our countries—one that must be maintained and strengthened,” Allen Jackson wrote in a recent article, published in The Tennessean.

“It is difficult sometimes to connect our own experiences with what happens in the larger world. When Israel fought the Six-Day War in 1967, I thought that it had nothing to do with me here in Middle Tennessee. Over the years, as radical Islam took hold in the Middle East, and as Christian Arabs were driven out by jihadists, I did not think it held meaning for me. But when my own homeland was attacked by Islamic extremists on September 11, 2001, I realized that the threat faced by Israel was not only real—but that it was also a threat to our own freedom. An enemy had dedicated itself to the destruction, not only of Israel, but also of the United States. I had no choice but to recognize the seriousness of that reality,” Allen Jackson continued.

“The connection between American Christians and the people of Israel goes much deeper than shared enemies, however, and we should be mindful of this. When I first visited there in 1970, it was immediately apparent to me that the roots of the Christian faith lay in Israel. In my own congregation, I seek to foster understanding of the debt we have, as Christians, to the Jewish people. Without the Jewish people, we would have no Scripture, no gospel—we would have no story. Jesus was born a Jew and raised in the Jewish culture. Therefore, we Christians should recognize our bond with the people of Israel through the common history we share, in addition to the common enemies we face, the enemies of peace and democracy.”

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