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Leadership Park

Leadership Park

Some of your best ideas come when you’re already in the middle of a project. That’s what happened with Leadership Park. As we proceeded with the expansion of our church, we found ourselves inspired with a new idea—a new way to build character. Fortunately, a sizable endowment also gave us the ability to realize this idea and to include Leadership Park in our expansion plans. Leadership Park reinforces World Outreach’s goal of strengthening individuals and families, and serves as a model for communities all across the country—and anyone who wants to grow in terms of service, trust and personal ethics.

The post-baby boomer generations face greater challenges than any group in history. A rapidly changing global perspective demands leadership skills unmatched in preceding generations. Leadership Park is an initiative for change. We believe Leadership Park can be a model for communities all across the country. We wanted to provide an innovative method to communicate the central, guiding inspiration—a real God who builds with the brick and mortar of human lives. Once we open the world to personal and spiritual growth, our world will never be the same.

The Leadership Park campus is a center of activity and growth. It contains a gymnasium, game rooms, video stations, ropes course, initiative trail, athletic fields and challenge course—all of the kinds of spaces you would imagine when you think of teenagers and explorers of all ages and backgrounds.

The central building provides space for a variety of groups from the church and the community. Although initiated as a youth program, we have discovered a real interest from all ages. The challenge course and initiative games—a series of interactive, physical challenges that require teamwork and problem solving—are equally valuable to a group of 6th graders or a team of doctors. In addition to the youth and other groups at WOC, many outside organizations have taken advantage of its special features. Some of these participants include the State Farm Summer Business Camp, Youth Leadership Rutherford, Northfield Elementary faculty and staff, Riverdale High School Cheerleaders, Hobgood School faculty, Reeves Rogers School faculty, One Goal Tee Ball League, the Boys and Girls Club and MTSU.

We are privileged to live in one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Leadership Park is designed to serve those who want to grow in terms of service, trust, personal ethics or leadership. What a progressive idea—that a Christian church can initiate a curriculum and promote a fellowship dedicated to these ideals.

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