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Outreach Events

WOC believes that the greatest way to live is in the purposes of God. All of our weekly activities and weekend services are geared toward helping those who participate to become more fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. In this setting, the God-opportunities and invitations are vast.

However, we are also concerned for neighbors outside the environs of WOC and want to be a blessing in every way possible and in places they deem valuable. Therefore, we strive diligently to open our heart and arms to our community in numerous ways during the year, sharing God’s blessings and the gift of Christ’s love with which we have been entrusted.

God has called His Church to be “salt and light” in a world that, right now, is shaking on many levels. As WOC extends a friendly hand of encouragement to our community, we trust His light to shine on the pathway before many. It is a privilege to share His heart and be His arms.

Community-Wide Easter Services

Over ten years ago, WOC embarked to make Easter a community-wide service.  The church packed up its campus, including staging, audio-visual, musical and children’s ministries equipment, reloaded it into Middle Tennessee State University’s Murphy Center for Easter services, and began with one service on Sunday morning in one section of the arena.  Over the years, the size and scope of the service grew into occupying the entire arena and then expanding into two service offerings.

Hundreds of volunteers devote scores of hours to packing, loading, transporting, and setting up children’s spaces that will host hundreds of children during the services. Several hundred more volunteers care for the children while even more set up staging, media, and serve as ushers and greeters to our guests. All told, this event has become one of the most exciting endeavors we undertake.  Easter 2014, we returned to the WOC campus for Easter, holding multiple services over the weekend.  Whether at home or another venue, our community-wide Easter services are a special time to lift up the name of Jesus as Lord.

Scholastic Sports Events

WOC greatly values our local school and university systems. Therefore, twice a year we return as a congregation to Middle Tennessee State to support and cheer on MTSU’s basketball and football teams. Tailgate parties, face-painting, and massive cheering make for great fun as we encourage our home teams and support their efforts on the court and field.

Hallelujah Harvest Hoedown Celebration

The end of October is a highly valued time of the year to a very important segment of our community – our children! In an effort to provide an environment where children from all the community can come with adults and enjoy all the games, inflatables, popcorn, cookies and candy they can have! Our Harvest Hoedown Celebration has proved to be the most popular gift we can offer our area. Several hundred volunteers help to make this a great joy each October.

One Goal Sports

It has been a privilege to partner with One Goal Sports through the years. We are able to provide playing fields and banquets facilities through the year for their various events. It has been a joy to see children and their families come together to develop athletic skills while also strengthening their bonds of Christian love. It is truly a community effort, and we are thankful to be a part.

Wrap it Up!

Each December, the malls are filled with many rushing and tired Christmas shoppers, thankful to have found presents for their lists, but wishing for help to get them ready for the tree. WOC is delighted to provide several hundred ‘elves’ to wrap their packages at no charge. Our local mall provides the space, which we rent and transform into a complete Free Christmas Gift Wrapping Center. During a four-week window, we merrily wrap thousands of mall-purchased gifts, singing all the way, and encouraging every shopper to have a blessed Christmas. It is our gift to the community.

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