Over the next three years, with the Lord’s help and the sacrifices of God’s people, we will raise $30 million to build an extension of our existing facilities. The expansion includes an enhanced events lawn and outdoor sanctuary; multi-purpose community learning center and gathering area; pedestrian-only space for interactive and innovative learning experiences; and much more.

Why are we doing this?

We are living in a unique season, with an undeniable urgency for upholding God’s truth and strengthening His people. The Church cannot afford to remain silent; we must step up and boldly move forward together to face the challenges ahead.

What are we proposing?

Our congregation and community will be strengthened as we improve our ability to serve and do ministry through an enhanced outdoor sanctuary, multi-purpose learning and gathering space, a pedestrian-only walk way, and better roads and additional parking.

How do we accomplish this?

Each season of expansion at World Outreach has been fueled by the sacrifices of God’s people—and each time God has consistently responded with unexpected blessings. Over the next three years, we’ll link arms and walk forward together so more people can benefit from the ministry.

Get Involved

Great challenges must be met with great determination. You are invited to see the plan and become part of the creative vision behind the coming expansion of World Outreach Church.

Learn More

As we kicked off the campaign, Pastor Allen shared a message about our campus expansion plans and the details of the campaign. Check out that message here!

Pray And Discern

We invite you to join us in prayer and fasting throughout this campaign. 


We invite you to join us and make your three year commitment to the Sanctuary of Scripture the Walk Way today.

God’s Faithfulness


Small Group Discussion

Family PRayer Guide

Commitment Guide

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will we break ground on the Walk Way?
We will break ground in early 2024, beginning with the road infrastructure.
How do I determine how much to give?

We ask you to prayerfully consider how you will participate in giving to the Walk Way. As you pray and discern how God may be asking you to sacrificially give to advance His vision for our church, let the commitment guide be a tool for you.

Is giving to the Walk Way just for adults?
No, children and students have always been a priority at World Outreach Church. From Early Childhood to College, we are devoted to preparing the next generation of leaders to live a life that is pleasing in the sight of God. We teach children from a young age how to serve, as well as grow closer to the Lord through generosity and sacrifice.
What is a capital campaign?

“Capital” simply refers to financial capital, or funds. “Campaign” is simply a way to say “plan.” Over the next three years, we will raise $30 million, above and beyond our regular giving patterns to expand our campus to include an enhanced events lawn and outdoor sanctuary, a prayer center, numerous experiential learning components, and new roadways to improve traffic flow. 

What makes The Walk Way different than other gathering spaces? 
We are not unique in what we are building; we are unique in the application. We intend to use the expansion to intentionally serve and minister to those in our church and far beyond. The project includes numerous opportunities for interactive learning and new tools to tell the stories of our Christian heritage, bring Scripture to life, and reinforce the God-honoring values that have defined us as a nation.
Why not open a school?

A school would provide instruction and resources to a limited number of children. The Walk Way will provide new curriculum and a new way to learn that is accessible and available to all children who visit our campus. Further, it will not only serve as a learning experience but a place they like to play as well. 

How will we accommodate parking?
The building plan includes new and expanded parking areas, as well as a robust shuttle system to help more efficiently move people on and off campus and to and from the buildings.

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