Every believer is a minister
Find your place to serve at World Outreach Church, where we believe that every believer is a minister. We strive to help each person discover, develop, and use their talents in ministry. Here are some teams you can join:

Worship Team

Lead the congregation during services.
Join our team of musicians and singers who are dedicated to helping people connect with God through worship music. Auditions are required to get started. Serve during services and special events.

Production Team

Serve in behind-the-scenes, technical positions that make each service possible.
Join the team who ensures every technical detail, in every service, is executed on-time and with excellence. Serve during services and special events.

Children's Ministry

Help the children of WOC learn to know and love God.
During each worship service, the Children’s Ministry department offers age-appropriate activities, lessons, and worship time for children from birth to 6th grade. Serve during services, special events, and during the week to support other ministries.

Student Ministries

Help junior high and high school students choose the Lord.
It’s critically important to help students navigate the challenges they face and make God-choices to help lead their generation. Serve with Junior High (Grades 7 and 8) or High School (Grades 9 to 12) on Wednesday evenings.

College Ministry

Invest in the 18 to 23-year-olds of our community.

The decisions people make between the ages of 18 to 23 often set the course for the rest of their lives. Serve on Thursday evenings and help encourage these young adults in their pursuit of the Lord.

The Next Chapter Bookstore

Help people find resources that will encourage their faith.

Each service has a team of people responsible for The Next Chapter Bookstore. Greet visitors, maintain inventory, or help with checkout. Serve during services and special events.

Photography Team

Capture the moments that tell the story of the church.
Take the photos that help us tell the stories of what’s happening in the life of the congregation. Though this team will help you grow as a photographer, you’ll need to have your own gear, and a working knowledge of how to use it to get started. Serve during services and events.

Cafe Team

Prepare and serve coffee for the congregation.
Join the team responsible for making coffee available during weekend services and special events.

Operations Team

Help keep the campus in top condition for our visitors.
Serve with the team that is responsible for general cleaning, room set-up, parking and traffic flow, and special events.